30-Year Fixed* Interest:3.011% – APR:3.084%
20-Year Fixed* Interest:2.750% – APR:2.847%
15-Year Fixed* Interest:2.256% – APR:2.398%
10-Year Fixed* Interest:2.297% – APR:2.434%
7/1 ARM* Interest:2.598% – APR:3.012%
5/1 ARM* Interest:2.604% – APR:3.113%
3/1 ARM* Interest:2.917% – APR:3.555%
30-Year Fixed FHA* Interest:2.303% – APR:2.969%
30-Year Fixed VA* Interest:2.442% – APR:2.628%
Call us at 1-818-399-7546 (Mon-Fri: 9AM-6PM)

Committed to Making Wholesale Lending Simple

DSCR One Rate


  • Min DSCR > 1.10
  • Min 700 FICO
  • Max LTV 70%
  • Min 12 Months PITIA
NO LLPA'S! NO Points!

Broker Portal

  • Order Loan Disclosures
  • Run AUS
  • Lock Loans (Even Non-QM Loans)
  • Upload Conditions
  • Order CDs

Bank Statement

  • Up to 80% LTV | Min FICO 720
  • Loan Amount $300,001-$1MM
  • Purchase, R/T, & C/O
  • SFH Primary Residence Only
  • Gift Funds Allowed
  • Cash-out Can be Used as Reserves

Turn Times

  • Purchase & Refinance
  • Set Up
  • New Submissions
  • UW & Funding Conditions Review
  • Docs-In Review

Radiant’s 12-Day
Purchase Pledge

For all qualified Conventional, FHA, VA, Bank Statement, and DSCR Purchase loans Radiant Mortgage receives from you, we’ll underwrite and close purchase transactions within 12 business days from submission to funding. If we don’t, we’ll waive our Underwriting Fee*. Now that’s a Pledge!

Approved in Over 44 States

Competitive Rates

Fannie Mae Direct Seller/Servicer

Leading Non-QM Lender

DSCR One Rate


  • Min DSCR > 1.10
  • Min 700 FICO
  • Max LTV 70%
  • Min 12 Months PITIA

NO LLPA’S! NO Points!

One Rate

Why Choose Radiant Mortgage?

Radiant Mortgage is a FNMA/FHLMC Seller Servicer with a wide variety of Programs allowing brokers in over 44 states to offer their clients loan options not readily available with most lenders. Our leadership team at Radiant has over 100 years of wholesale lending experience further solidifying our expertise in an ever-changing growing broker market. One of our core missions at Radiant Mortgage is to leverage our innovative technology, Pronto, partnered with our superior customer service, creating the best-in-class experience from submission to funding.

Let Radiant Mortgage Help!

FHA Sponsor ID 00068-0000-6 | VA Sponsor ID 908-0910000

Loss Payee:
Home Mortgage Alliance Corp (HMAC) Its Successor And/Or Assigns
4 Hutton Centre Drive Suite-500 Santa Ana, CA. 92707

DU Sponsoring Name:
Home Mortgage Alliance Corporation (HMAC)

Quick and Easy Approval

As our mortgage partner, we know how meticulous this process can be, which is why we are committed to ensuring that your approval is as quick and easy as possible. Click here to apply now!

Cutting-Edge Technology

We are laser-focused on technology to make the broker experience a world-class one. With Pronto you can price and lock loans instantly, run AUS, upload conditions and see real time when our support team reviews and clears each loan.

Best In Class Customer Service

At Radiant Mortgage our associates work hard daily supporting our mortgage partners and their referral partners providing industry-leading customer service.

Our Loan Products

Below are some of our loan products available to our mortgage partners:

FHA/VA Loans

At Radiant Mortgage we offer an aggressive FHA/VA product line that allows our mortgage partners competitive loan options allowing them to close more loans.

Conventional Loans

As a FNMA/FHLMC Seller Servicer we offer our Mortgage Partners a wide variety of programs with limited overlays.

Non-QM Loans

We understand that many borrowers may not meet traditional financing. At Radiant Mortgage we are proud to offer our Mortgage Partners an outlet to close these types of transactions.

Radiant Mortgage

Industry Expertise | Support For Your Growth

Who the heck is Radiant Mortgage?

We’re your best new wholesale lender.

We’ve taken everything about the mortgage industry that’s difficult and demanding and created the simplest and best way for mortgage brokers to fund loans. We cut out the BS. We have streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible for our mortgage broker partners to WIN!

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