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I am a career professional with 20 years of managing non-profit organizations, mental health and addiction recovery programs. I have worked in the prison ministry as a Regional Director for several years. I was a life and health sale staff manager and field agent for 12 years before specializing in Medicare.

I am focused very strongly on identifying and securing extra help social services for senior and disabled individuals in need.


David Hatch

Why Choose Me?

I am a license Medicare advisor working with our seniors. I specialize in helping seniors understand and develop their health care strategy.

I do three things for my clients:

  • Help educate seniors in the Medicare system.
  • Help my clients select the best Medicare plan that matches their medical need and financial resources.
  • Help my clients capture all social services available to them.

I am focused very strongly on identifying and securing extra help social services for senior and disabled individuals in need.

Most of the time I meet with clients in their homes and usually feel like I’ve made a good friend by the end of our appointment. I relate well with Medicare recipients who has underlying conditions and who are in needs of maintenance drugs. I have been suffering with diabetic and hypertension since 1994. I understand my client needs who struggle with finding the right doctor or pharmacy. Almost all of my clients are in Maricopa County. This means I am close enough so, if questions arise and a phone call is not sufficient, I can visit again to help with any questions or problems that may occur.

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