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I’m a certified health and life professional specializing in Medicare. As an Independent Broker/Medicare Advisor I represent over twelve different Insurance Companies that specialize in Medicare in Arizona. I will help you find the right plan with the lowest co-pays, lowest premiums, research all state and federal plans that you may qualify for to help with the cost of Medicare. I’m old school, I prefer to have a in person, one on one meeting to discuss all your concerns and options that you may have. Allow me to assist and guide you through this Medicare puzzle, there’s no reason why you should do this alone. Your health coverage is very important, allow me to help at no cost to you for my services.

Why Choose Me?

There’re several advantages in having an Independent Broker;

  • Have questions? Always there for you when you call, not someone from a foreign country
  • Keeping you updated on changes. Medicare plans change yearly, keep you informed on changes
  • No cost for yearly review
  • You have a friend in the business
  • Find the right plan, lowest copays, lowest premiums

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